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Registering an account at www.groffi.com means being able to access the premium area.

A registered account will gain access to premium downloads (marked with a crown.png symbol).

In the future, you also get access to various services linked to this account (check "Partner projects" for the current status).

If you wish to no longer receive information from www.groffi.com, you can unsubscribe from the service information system at any time in your account settings.

All services are currently offered free of charge. At the same time, no claims can be made against www.groffi.com to guarantee the availability of any content on this website.

By registering an account at www.groffi.com, you accept that the author cannot be held responsible for any loss of your data due to database or website changes.

The website is in constant development to improve usability.


License purchase

Artists, agencies and professionals have the opportunity to purchase licenses for individual tracks that they want to use in a commercial project.

One purchased license accounts for one the use of the selected music track ("beat") in one commercial project.

License purchases are non-refundable. All purchases are final.

Any license purchase will be handled through PayPal. No other third party service is involved in the purchase ⁄ transaction.

All music tracks on this site are copyright protected. Commercial use is only granted by purchasing the appropriate license.


License type Free download Regular Exclusive
Price 0€ 29€ 299€
Allowed to use in
commercial projects
No* 1 Unlimited
Allowed amount of sold copies 0 10000 Unlimited
Download format 320kpbs .mp3 320kpbs .mp3 320kpbs .mp3
44.1kHz 16bit .wav (on request)
Beat is no longer for sale No No No
Royalty free No Yes Yes

(You can use the track in non-commercial projects (e.g. promo tapes) if you include a reference to www.groffi.com and add "(Prod. by Groffi)" to the title of the track.)



The charts.groffi.com website offers a service for producers who can upload their original music.

Registered users can vote for other tracks and share their opinion on uploaded music.

Like this, an ordered list of the submitted tracks is created that derives from the mean rating of the submitted audio tracks.

Users are not allowed to submit audio files that are offensive, cruel, use strong language, are abusive, or repelling in any way.

Any material that does not meet the defined standards may be deleted from the website at free will.

Every user may register one account only.

Users are not allowed to register multiple accounts to push the ratings of a given submission.

Any fraud will cause the deletion of the accounts at question and their submission(s) and vote(s) from the system.

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